TDS-20 Experimental twin screw compounding extruder



Equipment type: TDS-20B Experimental twin screw compounding extruder

Production capacity: 3-10kg/Hr(depends on different product formulation)

Product work flow scheme:

A. Task purpose: according to industrial art formula requirements: (1) make an accurate measurement feeding after premixing material resin and additives to make sure the accuracy of formula and stability of product quality; (2)complete muti component mix in twin screw extruder, continually compound and disperse until the material is stabilization to extruding pelletizing.

B. Feeding method: material resin and additives feeding; adopt twin screw metering feeder, feeding from the above of 1st barrel;


Feeding       Natural venting    Mandatory vacuum exhaust









Derrick Die


Main technical parameter:

1. Main extruder type:              TDS-20B/600rpm-4kw-42:1;

2. Screw diameter:                       Ф22mm;

3. Main extruder L/D:                     42:1;

4. Barrel length:                            132mm×7 section=924mm;

5.Screw,barrel material:  excellent nitriding steel(38CrMoAlA),through nitriding process;

6. Main motor power:                  4kw(AC);

7.Main screw rotating speed :  60~600rpm;

8. Barrel heating power:             ~7kw;

9. Total install power:                  ~13kw;